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What is your innovation strategy? 

How do you come up with new ideas and breathE new life into your products? 

In a post-Covid world where everyone is sourcing "anti-microbial", can you be sure of the efficacy? 

At LIT we focus on helping brands build on their existing products and building sustainable supply chains that brands can rely on and trust. 

If you're a brand considering working with us for innovation or sustainability consulting please take a moment to ask yourself the questions below:

Supply Chain

How well do you know your supply chain? 

Are you looking to move your supply chain from one country to another? 

If asked to prove where all your materials came from, could you?  


Do you currently use any technology, and if so, how can you determine if they really work? 

Have you adopted any new textile technologies recently? 


What is your current raw materials sustainability strategy? 

How often do you obtain sustainability credentials throughout your supply chain? 


What test methods do you currently use to validate your products? 

Do you have any internal standards? (For example, anti-microbial benchmarks.)

In addition to the above, there are countless questions to consider when using new technologies or trying to be more sustainable. 

Our work methodology is to help you learn and educate you in a way that moves your brand forward to becoming more sustainable, equitable and innovative. 

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