What Is It?

The Pro Sprout growing bags are designed with a unique recycled fiber that contains essential elements to help speed up plant growth.

Through the recent innovation in textiles and recycling we are able to create a grow bag with an mineral formuiila to the fiber istself. This will enhance your plants life cycle and produce or more bountiful harvest. 

Our Little Secret To Success

Just like humans plants are constantly absorbing, using and giving off energy.


This energy can be put to good use. The ProSprout bags are made of a unique fibers that contain a proprietary blend of minerals embedded inside, the picture to the right.

These minerals absorb both sunlight and plant energy and emit it back to help aid growth.

ProSprout bags fully interact with the plants.

The Total ProSprout Advantage

  • Causes air pruned roots helps stop structural damage 

  • Made from Post Consumer Recycled Fiber

  • Ideal Temperature Control During Hot Months

  • Natural Blend of Minerals to Boost Growth

  • Harder to Over Water

  • Easy to Store After Use

  • Includes handles for East Transport

Why We are Different

The Pro Sprout bags are sized for any grow location. They are heavy duty and will withstand multiple harvests. 

We use only 100% post consumer recycled fibers

We guarantee quality with a no questions asked money back refund if you're unsatisfied 

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Available in various shapes and sizes for all your agriculture needs. Also available as polymer type sheeting to cover large scale crops or retro-fit most greenhouses.

Inquire for more information. 

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