How to accomplish and communicate a sustainable supply chain in fashion.

Updated: Apr 22

We can’t deny we are living in extraordinary times that will change forever the way we live. Changes that not only impact on how we

interact with others but also how we consume.

The world of fashion is only one of the many industries that have experienced radical changes in the last few years. Consumers are trying to make smarter, greener choices by prioritizing quality over quantity and sustainable products over cheap, polluting ones. Brands have realized that and that’s why they are making profound changes in the way they produce their garments.

Whether you are starting your own eco-friendly business or you are trying to make your brand more ethical, here are a few elements to take into consideration to achieve a sustainable supply chain.

In the first place, transparency is key. Consumers want to make sure that they are making the best choice and they can’t do it if they don’t know who they are buying from. In order to nail this, you need to be transparent and very detailed about your products’ traceability: inform where you manufacture them, what they a

re made of, who makes them and in what conditions. In simpler words, tell your client why your brand is sustainable and what great decision they would be making if they purchase from you.

Now, you are probably wondering how you can communicate your business’ eco-friendly approach. Well, there are many paths you can take but the most efficient one is getting certified. Ethical certifications -that are relevant for

your audience and your business- will give reinforcement you need. For example, you might want to consider B-Corp and Fair Trade certifications, as well as GOTS and PETA certifications.

This is just the beginning to enter the expanding world of sustainability. Take the first step!

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