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/hide is more than just a leather substitute; it's a groundbreaking innovation. Crafted from allergen-friendly synthetic materials and treated with a proprietary hemp flower extract, this luxurious leather offers a remarkable 99.99% reduction in the presence of S. aureus and E. coli. This "self-cleaning" feature ensures not only comfort but also peace of mind, making it the perfect choice for discerning individuals who prioritize hygiene and quality. 

/hide goes above and beyond industry standards. It meets FAA flammability requirements due to its inherent fire-retardant and smolder-resistant properties. Through rigorous heat and cold crack testing, it remains unblemished, maintaining its pristine appearance and functionality. What's more, its flexibility, drape, and stiffness can be fine-tuned for specific product applications, ensuring it seamlessly fits into your projects.

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With a palette boasting over 120 vibrant colors and an array of inviting textures, / hide is designed to cater to your unique style and needs. Whether you're in the transportation industry, creating small leather goods, or seeking a luxurious seating solution, this sustainable leather has you covered. Its versatility knows no bounds.

Sustainable Design

Our commitment to sustainability runs deep. /hide is produced with an impressive 90% reduction in energy consumption and an 80% decrease in solvents compared to conventional synthetic leather. We've gone the extra mile by ensuring our materials are PVC-free, devoid of plasticizers, phthalates, and heavy metals. Our innovative Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer (CRO) eliminates 98% of emissions during the manufacturing process, further reducing our environmental footprint.

/hide is not just an idea; it's a reality. Composed of REPREVE® backing, Polyurethane (PU), and our proprietary hemp flower extract topcoat, it undergoes rigorous physical testing to guarantee durability and safety. This isn't just leather; it's the future of conscientious luxury.

Key Points


Odor Neutralizing

Abrasion Resistant

Leather made from 60% recycled materials 

Knit Backing made with 100% Recycled Polyester

No PVC, plasticizers, phthalates or heavy metals

Available in various stretches, finishes and hand feels. 

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