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The Revolutionary Textile That Harnesses the Power of Light for Optimal Well-Being and Plant Growth

Fiery Sun


Discover the future of human, animal, and plant well-being with Biosun, our groundbreaking polymer-based textile that utilizes advanced nanotechnology to convert UV light emissions and ambient energy into visible wavelengths of light.


Designed to photo-stimulate the human system, Biosun helps combat malillumination, promoting overall health and wellness for those in space and on Earth. In addition, Biosun's unique properties make it an ideal solution for supporting plant growth in space.

Key Benefits

Combats the effects of malillumination in humans, animals, and plants

Provides a solution for astronauts in space, individuals with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and space-based plant growth

Converts UV light emissions and ambient energy into visible light

Utilizes advanced nanotechnology and polyphenols for optimal photo-stimulation

Offers versatile applications, including undergarments, window films, and space agriculture

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