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HeatLock is all about maximizing heat transfer while preventing heat loss, thanks to the ingenious use of low thermal conductivity principles.


Our technology boasts three exceptional variations: HeatLock, HeatLock Wave, and HeatLock Hollow. Each variation represents a new dimension in warmth and insulation, delivering unparalleled comfort and efficiency.

Heatlock Product Image.png


HeatLock is engineered to maximize heat transfer and minimize heat loss.

By incorporating natures warmest heat-absorbing minerals into the sheath of the fiber, HeatLock helps to create an insulation barrier engineered to retain your body heat. 


HeatLock Wave takes heat transfer to the next level. This variation combines the power of heat absorbing minerals with a unique fiber structure. By trapping heat into cavernous fibers, HeatLock Wave enhances heat retention offering unparalleled warmth and insulation. 

Heatlock Hollow Final Png-01.png

HeatLock Hollow leverages heat absorbing minerals with a hollow core technology, acting as a double barrier against heat transfer.

The hollow fibers block heat conduction, while the air inside inhibits heat convection. This dynamic duo ensures that warmth is trapped and retained, providing unmatched insulation and energy efficiency. 

Spider Yarn - Surface - 1.jpg
HB24-45-1 - Spider - 2.jpg
Hollow Yarn Plate - 2.jpg

If you’d like more information about our HeatLock technologies, get in touch today.

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