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LuxSkin® is a textile technology designed to improve and enhance the skin of the wearer, based on a cosmetic patent used by some of the world's top skincare brands.


Available both in yarn and as a coating, LuxSkin® is comprised of all natural and proprietary ingredients such as aloe, marine collagen, silk aminos and protein peptides. 


How It Works


Our innovative LuxSkin® technology embeds natural extracts like amino acids and crude fibers, known for their skin compatibility, into the fiber, promising enduring comfort and luxury.

The permanently infused collagen fiber acts like a net for the skin, firmly locking in moisture and helping to form a flexible water retaining barrier.


LuxSkin® plays a beneficial role in skin moisturization and regulating pH.


Our proprietary blends of topical LuxSkin® technology uses a a wide range of bio-based encapsulated active ingredients to boost textiles for a positive effect on your skin health.

Our biobased active ingredients are encapsulated in a proprietary polymer shell, and applied to textiles. The friction between the body and the textile releases this micro-encapsulation, making it easily and gradually absorbed into the layers of the skin. Readily biodegradable, and wash durable for up to 50 washes.


Available by dipping or padding process.

If you’d like more information about LuxSkin®, get in touch today.

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