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Sustainable Pallet Nesting System

The BioPallet nesting construction creates space savings compared to traditional wood pallets.

Designed with a solid top and non-skid surface, this highly durable pallet boasts high stiffness, immense weight capabilities and continued reusability, without the use of heat and chemical cleaning treatments. 

hbx-pal0001 stacked.png


Easy to Clean

Cost Effective

Space Saving

Pest & Mold Resistant 

Weather Resistant 

High Stiffness

Meets ESG Goals

Solid Top / Non-Skid Surface

Reinforced / Impact Resistant 

4-Way Entry

Safe Handling for Reduced Employee Injury

Free from toxic chemicals 

Manufactured with 100% recycled and renewable materials 

If you’d like more information about BioPallet™, get in touch today.

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