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Fast & Long Lasting 
Cooling Technology 

Experience the ultimate cooling sensation with KinetiCool®. By harnessing the power of rare and natural minerals, this cutting-edge technology reacts synergistically with your body's moisture and temperature. The result? Unrivaled, long-lasting cooling, regardless of the scorching heat or humid climate.


Unlike other cooling methods that demand excessive materials, KinetiCool® can work wonders with as little as 23% blend, saving costs while delivering exceptional comfort. Not only that, it offers the flexibility to be seamlessly incorporated as a finish or coating, opening up endless possibilities for coolness and style!

How It Works

A groundbreaking fabric technology propelled by the fascinating capabilities of molecules. At the core of this innovation lies a meticulously designed structure teeming with intricately arranged pores, which exhibit exceptional absorbency. These molecular pores act as potent sponges, swiftly and efficiently drawing in moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, resulting in a sustained and rejuvenating cooling effect.


What sets KinetiCool® apart is its ingenious simplicity. By capitalizing on the ambient humidity, the fabric's molecular architecture dynamically engages, extracting excess moisture from the skin, providing a refreshingly comfortable experience that lasts.

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